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"Precise Bowling Targeting System"


The "Precise Bowling Targeting System is a "Patent Bowling Targeting System" that allows you to play the line you choose on any given day or condition correctly, precisely and with confidence!"

Bowling is a game of precise measurements and angles, with lanes consisting of exactly 39 boards marked with locator dots and arrows, with the approaches marked with two sets of locator dots, precisely and strategically placed, to guide you as manage the lanes. But unless you’re a geometry whiz, knowing exactly how to use these tools may pose a challenge. That’s why the Precise Bowling Targeting System was created.

It's a simple 4-step process designed to help you become the accurate and consistent bowler you’ve always wanted to be!

 A Revolutionary Approach to Target Points and Ball Transitions

The Precise Bowling Targeting System is based on a unique approach to target points on the bowling lane. The system redefines target points to help you create an accurate and consistent arm swing. But that’s not all. The Precise Bowling Targeting System also uses an exclusive method to reference the balls transition area.

"Bowlers all over the country just like you are becoming more consistent, knowledgeable, confident and successful using the PBTS"

When you understand the Precise Bowling Targeting System’s approach to target points and Transition , you will see why we call PBTS a paradigm shift in bowling targeting.



App Version Under Develpment

Billy Oatman - 2005 PBA Rookie of the Year!!!

(Phone Testimonial)

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