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Competitive Bowling Facts

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • In your pursuit of improving your bowling scores, do you recognize the pivotal roles played by accuracy and consistency?

  • Are you confident in your ability to replicate the movements that have led to your highest scores in bowling?

  • Do you believe that receiving expert training could significantly enhance your gaming skills?

  • Are you currently engaged in the practice of monitoring your bowling scores and managing your gameplay?

  • Do you think that a comprehensive understanding of bowling lane dynamics and strategic ball placement could elevate your performance?

  • Could a deeper comprehension of ball layouts and cover stock preparation tailored to the specific oil pattern you are competing on substantially enhance your scoring?

  • What if this app could analyze your unique bowling style, including the number of steps you take before release and your release point? What if it could demonstrate how to execute your chosen "Line of Plan" with utmost proficiency and consistency? Would you find this feature valuable and trustworthy?

  • Furthermore, if this app provided training from a Professional Bowling Consultant/Instructor with a proven track record of success, would you be interested in accessing such expertise?

  • Lastly, if you had the ability to meticulously track and assess your performance within the app, would you be inclined to utilize this feature?

Allow us to introduce the Precise Bowling Targeting Mobile App

Imagine having a sophisticated mobile application at your fingertips. This app is designed to meticulously track your performance, offering tailored recommendations for adjustments in setup positions, steps, release points, and more, thereby enhancing your competitive edge.


Precise Bowling Targeting Mobile APP Levels

Mobile APP Example Image 11.jpg

Specific Price points:

  • For a Novice package where you can improve your game by learning how to effectively execute a strike line of plan. Develop a better understanding of the game. Would you pay $0.99 a month? (Less than $15 a year)

  • For a Basic package where you can improve your game by learning how to effectively play your strike line of choice and develop a solid, true targeting game system, would you pay $3.99 a month? (Less than $50 a year)

  • If the app included an upgrade that could boost your score further by perfecting your spare game AND minimizing oil pattern mistakes, would you pay $7.99 a month? (Less than $100 per year)

  • If the app also included additional upgrades including fine-tuned more explicit calculations that could perfect your stroke; expert training advice; your own personal game scoring database that your equipment used, pattern success, and record keeping, PLUS the ability to track your performance, would you pay $14.99 a month? (Less than $180 per year)

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