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US and International Patents!

Coming 2024!
Precise Bowling Targeting APP! More Advance, More Powerful!

DVD's Sold in 6 Countries!

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Precise Bowling Targeting System

Precision, Confidence, Success

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Are you ready to take your bowling game to the next level?

Look no further! Introducing the Patent Precise Bowling Targeting System, the revolutionary solution that will transform you into a more accurate, confident, and successful bowler.

Master the Art of Precision

Bowling is all about precision, measurements, and angles. With exactly 39 boards marked with locator dots and arrows, along with strategically placed locator dots on the approaches, the bowling lane is a puzzle waiting to be solved. But don't worry, the Precise Bowling Targeting System is here to guide you.

Why Choose PBTS?

  • Precision: Play the line you choose, precisely and confidently.

  • Revolutionary Approach: Redefining target points and ball transitions for a more consistent arm swing.

  • Success: Join bowlers all over the country and world who are achieving greater success with PBTS.

How PBTS Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4:

  1. Learn: Understand the unique approach to target points on the bowling lane.

  2. Adapt: Create an accurate and consistent arm swing with our guidance.

  3. Excel: Master ball transition areas like never before.

  4. Succeed: Become the bowler you've always wanted to be!

Paradigm Shift in Bowling Targeting

The Precise Bowling Targeting System is not just a tool; it's a paradigm shift in the world of bowling targeting. Experience a whole new level of precision and confidence on the lanes.


Don't settle for less. Embrace the future of bowling with PBTS!

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