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“Most people line up based on the old school way of thinking. That form of lining up was before we had these new power balls, really before reactive resin, heck even before automatic tella scores. But now with these ball motions you don’t see a ball going down 40ft and snapping hard on the end.

Even the crankers the Bob Hanleys the Mark Roths they had them high ball rev rates but their ball wasn’t hooking that much, it was hooking up front and wasn’t at the back.

So people aren’t changing the way they think about how they line up although the game has totally changed. And now, when you hear them talking…….they’re thinking so ambiguously and in generalities you can’t get a good idea on actually their line of plan ....and they can’t. 

And if a person that’s actually bowling can’t line up correctly how are they ever going to score at their highest potential?

James your system is the only one I’ve seen that actually teaches you how to line up!”

"Billy Oatman Audio Version"

Bill Oatman

"2006-07 PBA Rookie of the Year" 

Cleveland, Ohio

Gary pryor.jpg

I purchased the Precise Bowling Targeting System, studied it, pratice using it and used the system during competition. On January 5, 2012 I rolled my first three hundred in five years. On August 2, 2012 I rolled my second three hundred this calendar year and also rolled an 802 series. This was my first 800 since 2009!

Using the system and trusting it really works to help you stay focus and continue to make good shot after good shot.

Gary Pryor

Atlanta, Georgia

Steve Evans.jpg

"To me the PBTS is the Holy Grail of bowling"

Steve Evans

"I have tried many targeting theories, and the PBTS system is the best. My lane management improved greatly and my moves during transition are smarter and more precise.Thanks James for this system!"

Andy Cramer

Getzville, NY

Hello James, 

"I purchased your system a while ago & it's steadily working. I'm definitely showing progress in my reading of the lanes during transition. Hopefully I'll be able to attack any condition with ease in the future. Thank you."

Michael G. Williams,

Brooklyn, NY

"I do have to say that the PBTS system is one of the best things I have used.. Thanks :)"

Ted Mc Kenny

Fargo, ND 

"I felt this was the next step in advance bowling. I have good mechanics but always had a problem targeting. Always needed someone to tell where to put the ball. First cd I have found pretaining only to targeting" 

Mary Merritt,

Cleveland, Ohio

"Ok for two days of having the system average 240 using it . I do feel more confidence on hitting my target with ease . On an oily condition shot 977 and stayed in the pocket all day . The best targeting system I ever used" .

Maurice Moore

Cleveland, Ohio

"November 28th. 2011 I achieved my long term goal of bowling a perfect game. I have been bowling for over 30 years! Someone asked "How did i do it? My answer was , With God's help, practice[with help from other bowlers], and a video called PBTS. The first thing I did was Thank God[because without him this wouldn't have been possible]; Secondly... I thanked those who have helped me over the years with tips and advise on my game. Now I would like to thank you, James Blackstone for creating an amazing concept called Precise Bowling Targetting System. This remarkable video has had a positively, tremendous impact on my bowling game. PBTS takes the guess work out of where and how to line up. "This system really works'!!! Once again thank you James for having the foresight to share your professional knowledge (in this video) with hundreds of other bowlers so that they too can get the help they need to reach their personal goals in bowling. ; fan for life Carole"

"The Precise Bowling Targeting System added to my knowledge of the game. To know what eye is actually dominant to you and us that in your game was a fundamental break through. The staff at Precise Bowling Systems did a fantastic job in creating this program so that any bowler could adapt to it."

Terence Keaser

University of Northwestern Ohio

George Gohagan III



Using the PBTS!

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